Analytical Services

Masscal G1 QCM/HCC Calorimeter

Key Benefits

of the

Masscal G-Series
of Nanobalance/

Unique Measurement Capabilities, Accuracy, Sensitivity, and Cost

  • Single instrument for all three high-sensitivity measurements:
    • Mass Change to ± 2 ng
    • Heat Flow to ± 0.5 µW
    • Loss Compliance (J")
  • Simultaneous measurements of inter-related properties on the same sample at the same time
  • Integrated control of gas mixtures and temperature to ± 0.001ºC
  • Easily mounted sample plates
  • No fluid baths or vacuum pumps
  • Sample temperatures up to 250 C
  • Integrated humidity generator for maximum RH accuracy
  • Droplet capture access and direct NVR measurement
  • Patent-pending ultra-accuracy QCM sensors

Research & Development

  • Characterize New Materials
  • Measure Gas-Surface Reactions
  • Determine Partition Coefficients and Sorption Enthalpies
  • Optimize Formulations
  • Monitor Curing and Drying
  • Measure Depositions, Adsorptions & Interstitial Storage
  • Determine Reaction Energetics
  • Characterize End-Use Properties
  • Predict Product Lifetime and Product Storage Requirements

Manufacturing & Process Control

  • Measure Critical Parameters while Simulating Process Conditions
  • Control Quality of Sensitive Raw Materials and Intermediates
  • Assure Quality of Final Products

Challenging Real-World Problems

  • Solve Surface Interface Problems
  • Identify Sources of Product Performance Problems
  • Detect the Buildup of Harmful Gases or Surface Contaminants
  • Improve your understanding of the interaction of thin films and surfaces with their environment in nature, the laboratory and in the hands of your customers


If you're not ready to invest in a Nanobalance/Microcalorimeter yet but still face the technical challenges it was designed to address, our analytical and consulting services may be the next best thing.

If you work with

Moisture Absorption/Desorption
Thin Films, Coatings or Powders
"Ultra Thin Films" or Monolayers
Nanotechnology Products
Surface Catalysts or Contaminants
Ultra-Pure Solvents or Residues
Gas Sorption or Storage
Or Other Film and Surface Problems

Then we want to help with

Our Unique Measurement Services for

  • Gas-Solid and Liquid-Solid Reaction Analysis
  • Ultra-Thin Film, Powders and Cast Depositions
  • Simultaneous Measurements on the Same Sample
  • Heat Flow Measurements to ± 0.5 µW
  • Mass Change Measurements to ± 2 ng
  • Loss Modulus (Stiffness) Changes
  • Precisely Controlled Temperatures up to 100ºC
  • Programmable Controlled Humidity
  • Simulation of Curing or Application Conditions
  • Determination of Sorption Isotherms
  • Calculations of Reaction Energetics and Kinetics

Our Dedicated Service Laboratory with

  • Rapid, Reliable, Confidential Services
  • Direct Telephone Expert Support
  • Training Services

For more information, contact our Analytical and Consulting Services directly using our convenient online contact form or customer information request form to request a list of prices and services or more information about our broad range of approaches to helping you solve your film and surface problems. Referrals and testimonials are also available.