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U.S. Patent 6,106,149
Mass and heat flow measurement sensor

U.S. Patent 6,189,367
Apparatus and method...

U.S. Patent 6,190,035
Mass and heat flow measurement ... for gas-solid interface

U.S. Patent 6,370,939
Apparatus and method ... for mass and heat flow changes

U.S. Patent 6,439,765
Mass and heat flow measurement sensor

E.U. Patent
Mass and heat flow measurement sensor (approved, publication in March, 2010)

U.S. Patent Application
Nanobalance for non-volatile residues

The Isothermal Heat Conduction Calorimeter: A Versatile Instrument for Studying Processes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology by Wadso, Smith, et al.

Quartz Microbalance Microcalorimetry – A New Method for Studying Polymer Solvent Interaction by Smith and Shirazi.

A Mass/Heat Flow Sensor Combining Shear Mode Resonators with Thermoelectrics by Smith, Mulligan, et al.

QCMHCC Study of Solvent Sorption by Tian and Smith.

Sorption Isotherms, Enthalpies, Diffusion Coefficients and Permeabilities in Multilayer Film by Smith, Ashcraft and Hammond.

Principles of QCMHCC – Measurement of the Sorption Enthalpy of H2 in Pd by Smith and Shirazi.

Detection of Vital Bacteria and Protein Ligand Binding using the QCMHCC by Smith and Zilberman.

Real-Time Monitoring of Catalytic Surfaces using a Mass-Heat Flow Sensor by Smith, Shiraz and Smith.

Gravimetric Analysis of the Nonvolatile Residue from an Evaporated Droplet using QCMHCC by Smith.

Water Sorption Isotherms and Enthalpies of Water Sorption by Lysizyme using QCMHCC by Smith, Shirazi and Mulligan.

Determining the Effects of Vapor Sorption in Polymers using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance/Heat Conduction Calorimeter by Smith, Mulligan and Shirazi.

Using QCMHCC to Monitor the Drying and Curing of an Alkyd Spray Enamel by Smith.

Quartz Crystal Microbalance Heat Conduction Calorimetry by Smith.

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Nano-Scale Analysis of the Properties of Coatings, Thin Films, Membranes and Surfaces

General Principle:

Masscal's patented sensor combination and instruments provide direct and simultaneous measurement of critical properties of thin and ultra thin materials. Changes in the mass, heat flow and viscoelasticity of materials are measured under precise environmental control with nanogram sensitivity. These measurements more accurately predict the performance of these materials in thin film applications than extrapolated measurements from bulk samples. Masscal instruments combine quartz-crystal balances with thermopile heat transfer sensors in a controlled calorimeter environment.

Masscal G1 for gas-solid interfaces | Masscal L1 for liquid-solid interfaces
Masscal G1 for gas-solid interfaces
Masscal L1 for liquid-solid interfaces
Examples of Our Customers' Applications:
  • Fuel cell membrane performance
  • Ultra-thin coatings for electronics
  • Shelf-life studies for foods and drugs
  • Personal care products
  • Automotive paints and self-healing films
  • Biological solvation and binding energies

Integrated Internal Humidity Control for High-Precision Sorption Isotherms and Other Solvent Studies

Masscal G2 Internal Humidifier
Masscal G2 Internal Humidifier

Precise Environmental Control:

Masscal's unique Nafion®-based internal humidity control system provides the most precise control of temperature and humidity for measuring sorption, desorption and moisture migration properties with nanogram sensitivity.

Examples of Our Customers' Applications:
  • Li battery sol-gel membrane performance
  • Food packaging film comparisons
  • Pharmaceutical sorption isotherms
Mass Change and Relative Humidity Yield Sorption Isotherm

High-Temperature Capabilities that Extend QCM Measurements in Support of Nanotechnologies

Urgent Demand for Masscal Technologies:

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) identified the need for a high-temperature nanobalance as a critical requirement for the growth of nanotechnology. NIST has funded, in part, the development of the Masscal HT system and subsequent prototypes for even higher temperatures.

Examples of Our Customers' Applications:
  • Advanced construction materials
  • Electronic component coatings
  • Carbon nanotube composites
  • "Smart Coatings" with nanoparticulates
  • Transparent zeolite film formulations
  • Ultra-low level solvent measurements
Masscal HT
Masscal HT

Non-Volatile Residue ("NVR") Analysis with Nanogram Sensitivity: NVR from Drops instead of Liters

Faster, Cheaper, Safer, Less Polluting NVR:

Masscal's patent-pending NVR technology measures trace impurities with nanogram sensitivity using only a few drops of liquid. Safety advantages are especially valuable for flammable and potentially harmful materials.

Masscal NVR
Masscal NVR

Non-Homogenious Samples and Deposits by QCM

By using special ring-electrode sensors, Masscal NVR can also accurately measure properties of non-homogenious samples and unevenly coated materials that other QCM-based systems cannot.

Examples of Our Customers' Applications:
  • Purity, including ultra high-purity solvents
  • Process control monitoring for contaminants
  • Nano-scale composite properties
  • Solid and mixed-state catalyst behavior