A Man of Integrity, Wisdom, Faith and Love

Dr. Allan L. Smith
Dr. Allan L. Smith,
Founder and President,
Masscal Corporation

Our world has been unalterably enriched by the strength of character and dedication of our close friend and associate, Dr. Allan L. Smith, who passed away on December 9, 2008. Allan was an inspirational leader in teaching, business and church community. He will be remembered for his unrelenting commitment to continuous learning, the conquering of challenges, and the application of this knowledge for the benefit of society. These will remain with us at Masscal as bulwarks of our mission.

Dr. Smith has been recognized world wide as the technical leader for the integration of nano-scale QCM measurements with microcalorimetry. Prior to founding Masscal, Dr. Smith was a Professor of Physical Chemistry at Yale and Drexel Universities with over 60 publications.

Masscal Opens New Analytical Services Laboratory

NanoSpective Group
Material Scientists of NanoSpective®,
Masscal's New Technical Partner

Masscal has teamed up with NanoSpective® to provide analytical laboratory services in Orlando, Florida. The laboratory will begin providing new services on January 2. The combined team includes five application scientists and engineers with diverse specializations within material characterization and thermal analysis. The new partnership will be able to provide customers of both companies with broader problem-solving capabilities that include advanced microscopy and spectroscopy capabilities as well as Masscal's unique nano-scale measurements of reaction energy, mass change and viscoelasticity. [Update: the cooperative laboratory at UCF was closed in March, 2009.]

Next Generation Products in Final Beta Testing

Masscal G2-Series

The Masscal G2-Series of products is undergoing final customer evaluation before commercialization in early 1Q 2009. The advances include internal gas-switching and humidity-generation for instantaneous environmental control.

Masscal Sponsors Smart Coatings Conference

Smart Coatings Lake Buena Vista, FL – Masscal Scientific Instruments is proud to be a sponsor of the 2008 Smart Coatings Conference February 27-29. The conference will feature advances in thin film and coatings technology with special emphasis on nanotechnology in coatings. Dr. Allan Smith will present applications of the Masscal Nanobalance/Microcalorimeter.
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Masscal Sponsored 2007 Pioneering Nanotechnology Competition Celebrates Finale

The annual competition was initiated to promote the development of new applications of thermal analysis and rheology on the micro- and nano-scale. Grand Prize Winner Professor Vladimir Tsukruk of the Georgia Institute of Technology received a $50,000 Masscal G1 Research Nanobalance/Microcalorimeter in an award ceremony on December 13th, 2007. Exceptional entries received Gold Medal and High Merit Awards. More...

Masscal Scientific Instruments Opens New Facilities in Orlando

The new location within the Technology Park of the University of Central Florida will serve as the Headquarters, Sales, Service and Customer Care Center. Masscal will continue to focus on R&D and Technical Services at its' Advanced Technology Center in Chatham, MA.

Masscal's new Customer Care Center is conveniently located just minutes away from the Orlando International Airport and at the crossroads of the major highways through Central Florida. The location also provides close proximity to major technology centers in Orlando, Cape Canaveral, and the Central Florida Technology Corridor. The Center is close to the Orange County Convention Center, frequent home of the PittCon Analytical Conference and other major technical meetings.

Masscal Scientific Instruments has already established close technical relationships with its' new leading-edge academic neighbors with joint projects at the University of Florida, University of Central Florida and the University of South Florida.

At the same time, the Masscal Advanced Technology Center remains as an active technology leader in the Southeastern Massachusetts area where Masscal has had funded research projects with the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center.


2007 Pioneering Nanotechnology Competition

What would you do with a state-of-the-art thermal analysis machine? The researchers with the best answer to that question may find themselves in possession of a Masscal G1 Microbalance/Calorimeter, an advanced scientific instrument that can measure mass, heat flow and viscoelastic changes at the same time.

Masscal Scientific Instruments is sponsoring the first annual Pioneering Micro- and Nano-Thermal Analysis Technology Competition, seeking the best proposal from individuals and organizations for the development of new thermal analytical techniques which utilize the G1 system's micro- and nano-scale capabilities. The grand prize winner, as determined by a panel of independent judges, will take home a G1, valued at approximately $50,000, and four first-place winners will receive analytical services from Masscal. High Merit Awards will receive $2,500 credit toward the purchase of scientific instruments.

The contest categories are Energy and Environment; Electronics and Computers; Films, Coatings and Fibers, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences; and Novel Applications.

The deadline for entries is June 16. Winners will be announced at the North American Thermal Analysis Society (NATAS) conference, in East Lansing, Michigan, August 26-29.

Masscal Scientific Instruments is a leader in the development of unique products for the simultaneous measurement of thermal and rheological properties during surface reactions and material transitions of films, coatings, and other materials at the micro- and nano-levels

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Masscal Scientific Instruments Appoints Dr. John W. Furry as New CEO

Dr. Allan L. Smith, founder of Masscal Corporation, announced the promotion of Dr. John W. Furry to be the new Chief Executive Officer of Masscal Scientific Instruments. Dr. Furry joined Masscal in 2003 and has served as Technical Manager, Business Manager and COO. Prior to joining Masscal, Dr. Furry was a chemist and engineer for DuPont, Director of R&D for TA Instruments, Inc., Director of New Technologies for Waters Corporation and the founder of two companies that have developed specialized instruments for homeland security.

Dr. Furry has restated Masscal's strategic commitment to continuing product and application development in close partnership with customers as well as an expanded network of academic and commercial partners. "The breadth of potential applications for this breakthrough technology is far too vast for any single company or limited association to respond to all the practical issues that it can address."