About Masscal


About Masscal

Masscal Scientific Instruments™ is an operating business of Masscal® Corporation of Chatham, Massachusetts.

Thermal Analysis of Thin Films and Surface Reactions

Masscal Scientific Instruments is dedicated to the development, distribution and application of laboratory instruments which utilize core patented technologies for the simultaneous measurements of mass, heat flow and viscoelasticity of thin films and similar samples undergoing reactions within precisely controlled environments. This focus includes sales and service of instruments, analytical services, contract developments and expert consultations.

Our mission is to provide you with unique technical solutions to expand the understanding of the interactions of thin films and coatings with their environment and to do so with the highest possible standards of scientific scholarship, customer service and integrity.

Masscal Scientific Instruments corporate headquarters, sales and services offices are in Orlando, Florida. Masscal's nanotechnology laboratory is in Chatham, Massachusetts, the birthplace of Masscal 10 years ago.

Living our mission starts at the top with the dedication of our leadership:

Masscal was founded by Dr. Allan L. Smith, who developed and patented the concept and design of the quartz crystal microbalance/heat conduction calorimeter ("QCM/HCC") and spearheaded the commercial development of laboratory instruments that utilized this unique technology. Dr. Smith was an emeritus professor of chemistry at Drexel University where his QCM/HCC technology first evolved from work he had done at Yale, Drexel and Lund University in Sweden. Dr. Smith was the President and Technical Director of Masscal Scientific Instruments until his death in December, 2008. Masscal's instrumentation technology and analytical services continue to be based on Dr. Smith's pioneering vision, dedication, and innovation.

Dr. John W. Furry joined Masscal in 2003 and became the Chief Executive Officer in 2006. Dr. Furry brought 20 years of outstanding successes in the development and commercialization of new scientific instruments as a chemist, engineer, programmer and intellectual property coordinator. Dr. Furry was one of the founding managers of TA Instruments, now a subsidiary of Waters Corporation, where he was Director of R&D for TAI and then Director of New Technologies under Waters. Dr. Furry was also a founder of two successful technical consulting businesses, Akitherm Ltd. (now in China) and ProTech Scientific.

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