Introduction / Call for Entries


Masscal Scientific Instruments extends our sincere appreciation to all of the participants in the 2007 Pioneering Nanotechnology Competition. You have made the first year of this exciting technical competition extremely successful. The Grand Prize and Gold Award winners are listed below. Watch for the complete announcement of all of the winners and the abstract of each category winner to be posted here following the 2007 NATAS conference August 26-29.

Please visit this site again starting in October to see announcements regarding the 2008 Pioneering Nanotechnology Competition.

2007 Winners of Pioneering Nanotechnology Competition

Grand Prize:

Vladimir V. Tsukruk, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Combinatorial Screening of Plasma Polymer Nanocoatings for Responsive Layers in Highly Sensitive and Agile Microcantilever Sensors"

Gold Awards:

Novel Applications

Robin Garrell, University of California Los Angeles

"Materials in Microfluidic Devices: using QCM/HCC to Quantify Solvation, Plasticization, and their Effects on Wetting and Electrowetting"

Electronics & Communications

Yushan Yan, Christopher Lew, Yan Liu, Minwei Sun, University of California Riverside

"The Solid-State Crystallization of Pure-Sillica-Zeolite MEL Films"

Films Coatings & Fibers

Charles L. Beatty, University of Florida

"Simultaneous Measurement of Enthalpic Change, Mass Change and Compliance Change of Polymer Films and Polymeric Nanocomposite Films"


The 2007 Pioneering Micro and Nano Thermal Analysis Competition™ is open to all individuals and organizations developing new products or technologies in the United States, Canada or Mexico. No purchase is necessary and there are no fees or charges to enter.


The annual competition has been initiated to stimulate research and development of new applications for thermal analysis at the micro- and nano-scale to solve important contemporary scientific challenges by familiarizing the technical community with new technologies that apply to this field. The 2007 Competition is sponsored by Masscal Scientific Instruments and the featured technology of this competition is simultaneous measurements of mass, heat flow and viscoelasticity at the micro- or nano-scale. More on this technology...


The 2007 Pioneering Micro and Nano Thermal Analysis Competition begins April 1 and ends on July 16, 2007. To apply, you must complete the Official Competition Entry Form which includes a brief description of a research or development project, either currently underway or proposed, in one of the following application areas:

Energy & the Environment

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Films, Coatings & Fibers

Electronics & Computers

Novel Applications

The entries will be evaluated by judges with technical expertise in each field in accordance with the criteria listed in the Official Competition Rules. Gold Medal Awards will be presented to the best proposal in each category. In addition, a Grand Prize of a $50,000 Nanobalance/Microcalorimeter system will be awarded to the best overall proposal. Runner-up awards will be presented to all proposals judged to be of High Merit.

The winners will be publicly announced at the 2007 North American Thermal Analysis Society (NATAS) Conference, August 26-29, 2007. The Grand Prize includes travel and accommodations to the award ceremony in Orlando, Florida.

All entries must be received by 5:00 PM EST on July 16, 2007