Examples of Our Customers' Applications

Green Technologies

Continuing studies of fuel cell membranes at MIT is using the Masscal G1 to measure mass change and reaction energy to characterize potential membrane materials.

Biodegradable packaging films are evaluated at multiple universities under USDA sponsorship using Masscal G1 to measure reactions.

The critical moisture sorption levels of thin sol-gel membranes was determined using the Masscal G1 for use by Optodot Corporation in advancing lithium battery technology.


Electronic coating compositions are optimized based on data from the Masscal G1 by a leading electronics firm.

Formulations for nanoscale coatings were evaluated using the Masscal G2 for a major chemical company as a key step in developing "Next Generation" products.

Advances in transparent zeolite films were accomplished, in part, with the characterization of the impact of inert and organic fillers using the Masscal G1 to monitor reactions and viscoelasticity of ultra-thin films.


Pharmaceutical Coatings were evaluated by the University of Iowa and University of Connecticut for major pharmaceutical companies using the high sensitivity of the Masscal G1 to measure moisture absorption/desorption as a function of temperature and relative humidity.

Capsulation formulas were evaluated for moisture permeability and impact on shelf-life for a major pharmaceutical company.

Advanced Materials

A leading solvent manufacturer uses the Masscal DRG to monitor the quality of high-purity materials quickly and without environmental impact using just a few drops.

NIST is using the Masscal HT system to characterize advanced materials including carbon-nanotube composites. This work requires the unique sensitivity of Masscal HT to make QCM nanoscale measurements at elevated temperatures.

A consortium of automobile manufacturers used the Masscal G1 to track the curing of thin films for specialty applications.

The curing and physical stability of so-called "Smart Coatings" have been measured using the Masscal G2 with the extra precision of internal humidity generation and control. These "smart coatings" have advanced properties including changing physical properties and self-healing based on the distribution of nanoparticles within the thin film.

Food, Personal Care
and Bio Applications

Work completed at Harvard University demonstrated the capability to model the sorption of personal products using the Masscal G1.

Drexel University has a continuing program to study packaging materials and related products using a Masscal G2 upgrade to their original Masscal G1 purchase. Drexel has also measured sorption isotherms and ligand binding energies in biological solutions.

More applications...

  • Ultra-sensitive measurement of transition energies (ΔQ), mass changes (Δm) and viscoelasticity (ΔJ) with nano-gram sensitivity;
  • Rapid determinations of sorption isotherms and membrane migration kinetics;
  • Direct measurement of non-volatile residues from as little as a single drop.

Examples of Patents and Technical Papers

NEW U.S. Patent 8,215,171 (2012)
QCM Mass Sensor with Uniform Sensitivity

U.S. Patent 6,106,149
Mass and heat flow measurement sensor

U.S. Patent 6,189,367
Apparatus and method...

U.S. Patent 6,190,035
Mass and heat flow measurement ... for gas-solid interface

U.S. Patent 6,370,939
Apparatus and method ... for mass and heat flow changes

U.S. Patent 6,439,765
Mass and heat flow measurement sensor

EU Patent 1,036,314
Mass and heat flow sensor

The Isothermal Heat Conduction Calorimeter: A Versatile Instrument for Studying Processes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology by Wadso, Smith, et al.

Quartz Microbalance Microcalorimetry – A New Method for Studying Polymer Solvent Interaction by Smith and Shirazi.

A Mass/Heat Flow Sensor Combining Shear Mode Resonators with Thermoelectrics by Smith, Mulligan, et al.

QCMHCC Study of Solvent Sorption by Tian and Smith.

Sorption Isotherms, Enthalpies, Diffusion Coefficients and Permeabilities in Multilayer Film by Smith, Ashcraft and Hammond.

Principles of QCMHCC – Measurement of the Sorption Enthalpy of H2 in Pd by Smith and Shirazi.

Detection of Vital Bacteria and Protein Ligand Binding using the QCMHCC by Smith and Zilberman.

Real-Time Monitoring of Catalytic Surfaces using a Mass-Heat Flow Sensor by Smith, Shiraz and Smith.

Gravimetric Analysis of the Nonvolatile Residue from an Evaporated Droplet using QCMHCC by Smith.

Water Sorption Isotherms and Enthalpies of Water Sorption by Lysizyme using QCMHCC by Smith, Shirazi and Mulligan.

Determining the Effects of Vapor Sorption in Polymers using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance/Heat Conduction Calorimeter by Smith, Mulligan and Shirazi.

Using QCMHCC to Monitor the Drying and Curing of an Alkyd Spray Enamel by Smith.

Quartz Crystal Microbalance Heat Conduction Calorimetry by Smith.

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Details and additional technical papers...

Technology Available to Update Your Product Line

Question: Do you have a product that can measure all the thermal properties of today's nano-scale samples?

Question: Can your products simultaneously measure mass, heat flow and viscoelasticity of thin films, coatings, powders and membranes?

Question: Do your customers want to make easy and accurate nanogram measurements without the limitations on the sample uniformity or placement of traditional QCM techniques?

Answer: If these capabilities would help fill out your instrument offering, this technology is your answer. Contact us for details.

News Releases

Masscal Technology Available: ProTech Scientific Appointed Technical Representative

ProTech Logo
ProTech Scientific

Masscal's unique and patented technologies for making simultaneous nano-scale measurements are now available for license or purchase. Masscal has appointed ProTech Scientific of Davenport, Florida as their technical representative. Masscal and ProTech Scientific have been partners in the development of this technology for seven years and ProTech is well positioned to represent the scientific breakthroughs. For more information, contact info@protechscientific.com.

Sample Chamber

New Technology for Solving Thin Film and Surface Problems

Masscal Scientific Instruments introduces a line of laboratory instruments which can measure moisture sorption, catalysis, curing and many other reactions of thin films and surfaces. The powerful, patented technology provides critical new capabilities for simultaneously measuring mass changes, reaction energy and film viscoelastic property with nanogram sensitivity. Materials are analyzed under precisely programmed environments of temperature, exposure times, humidity, or other gas compositions.

More on Masscal Products...

Patent-Pending "Droplet Residue Gravimeter" for NVR Released

Masscal introduced the new "Masscal NVR" system and placed the first commercial unit in an industrial laboratory for quality control of ultra-pure materials. The system addresses the need to perform non-volatile residue analysis faster, cheaper and with less waste than traditional NVR methods. It also provides unparalleled sensitivity of less than 1 nanogram. This technology was developed in cooperation with the University of South Florida under sponsorship of the National Science Foundation.

Droplet Residue Gravimeter
New Masscal NVR

Masscal Awarded with New European Union Patent

Masscal has been awarded a patent from the European Union covering the combined sensor technology that enables the simultaneous measurement of mass change, heat flow and viscoelasticity with nanogram sensitivity. The patent will be issued in March 2010.

First High-Temperature Masscal System Installed at NIST

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is now using the first high-temperature QCM/HCC system, the "Masscal HT", to test advance materials related to nanotechnology. NIST identified the need for this technology as a critical tool for American manufacturing and sponsored, in part, the development by Masscal through a Small Business Innovation Research Award. NIST has continued their interest and solicited an additional round of development.

John Furry, CEO, plots relief distribution routes
John W. Furry, CEO, plots
relief distribution routes

Masscal Supports Haiti and Chile Relief

Masscal immediately responded to the need to provide assistance to the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake of January 12. In addition to cash donations, the staff of Masscal has volunteered many hours to the relief effort, primarily through the American Red Cross, www.redcross.org. This effort has now been expanded to include the victims of the Chile earthquake as well. We urge all of you to join with us. Charity Smith, President of Masscal, stated succinctly "It's the right thing to do."

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